In a small corner of paradise, in an area of 180 hectares, one step away from the fascinating millenary history of the places that surround it, our products are born: wine and oil that smell of love and rural wisdom.


Local production of wine, with the best grapes of the area

Our wines convince for their elegance and decisive character. The winery's success was determined by the local typicality of these wines and the high quality observed in production.

The artisan tradition merges with modern and innovative winemaking techniques. Particular care is dedicated to the adoption of natural and respectful plant treatment techniques. The control and containment of production, guarantee the obtainment of wines of the highest quality. Elegant and special the labels of the different wines, which evoke places and situations of the territory.


Local production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of our products most appreciated is in particular extra virgin olive oil.

These products are made with the exclusive use of olives grown in our own land and for this reason not only the provenance is guaranteed but also the quality of olives grown without pesticides and other chemical agents.

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